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Where are the TV Towers near me?

To watch live TV channels your aerial antenna needs to receive a signal from one of the transmitters which are housed in TV towers around the country. Some TV towers transmit stronger signals than others. 

The NovaWave Digital TV Antenna Helper app is the best option for finding your nearest TV broadcast towers. You can download the Novawave Digital TV Antenna from Google Play and the Novawave Antenna Signal Finder from App Store.

If you’re trying to locate TV broadcast towers in your local area, then a TV tower finder app could be what you need. Find out more about TV towers and signal finder apps with our quick and simple guide.

How do TV towers work?

Aerials receive the digital TV signals broadcast by TV towers and send them on to your TV. The majority of TVs produced within the last decade will be able to decode digital TV signals and display programs in ultra HD quality.

The main regional TV transmitters generally have the strongest TV signals and provide the best broadcast quality and biggest choice of channels. Relay TV transmitters are placed in strategic locations where the main signal is blocked (by trees, buildings, hills etc..) in order to send on the main signal on a different frequency. 

Changing the position and direction of your aerial may enable you to receive signals from several main or relay TV towers. Some may provide better viewing quality and more channels than others.

Knowing which TV towers are in your area enables you to identify the best signal more quickly. A signal finder app, like the NovaWave Digital TV Antenna Helper, may be useful for this.

How do I find out where my nearest TV transmitter is?

The easiest, most convenient and most effective way to locate local TV towers is to use a signal finder app. The Novawave Digital TV Antenna Helper app is the best option to find your nearest TV broadcast tower.

How does the NovaWave Digital TV signal finder work?

Using the NovaWave TV signal finder app is simple.

Download the app from the AppStore (for iPhones) or the Google Play Store (for Android phones) and create an account. Once logged in to your new account, the app scans your local area, uses the scan to find the nearest TV towers and shows the channels available to you.

Then, simply point your digital TV antennas in the direction of the TV tower and start watching free TV.

What are the key features of the NovaWave Digital TV signal finder app?

With the NovaWave Digital TV signal finder you can:

  • Find all TV towers near you
  • Scan the local area for TV towers for 30 miles in any direction
  • See a full list of available free TV channels
  • Watch favorite categories of TV including news, sports and much more!
  • Watch in High Definition: Supports 1089p HD TV video
  • Watch for free, with no fees and zero bills
  • Use either your regular TV antenna or the NovaWave digital TV antenna

Where can I use the NovaWave TV signal finder app

The NovaWave TV signal finder app currently works to find TV towers and channels in the USA only. NovaWave is working to expand the coverage to other countries.

A final word… 

If you need a digital TV tower finder, then try the NovaWave TV signal finder app and enjoy hours of free entertainment. Happy watching!

October 3, 2021


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