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What to look for in Bluetooth Earbuds: Read This

In 2016, when the iPhone 7 was released, Apple made it so that there was no longer an individual headphone jack. This meant that users either had to either buy new earphones that fit or find an alternative option like wireless earbuds. 

And over the years, they’ve become an extremely popular option amongst many, not only for phones without headphone jacks but for the freedom of going wireless.

In-ear Wireless headphones can bring us so much less stress than wires. The worst thing about wired headphones is when you’re in a frantic rush and you have to try and untangle them. When listening to music is part of your daily routine, whether that’s for your commute to work, or your daily run, without earbuds, we can feel a little lost. 

Wireless vs Bluetooth Headphones

Sometimes the terms Wireless and Bluetooth earbuds are used interchangeably, although they’re not the same product. While both wireless and Bluetooth earphones are wireless, their range frequencies are the key difference. 

Wireless headphones use radiofrequency waves to detect the sounds, whereas Bluetooth earbuds have a Bluetooth chip inside the device that connects the devices. 

Therefore, wireless headphones can cover a wider range than Bluetooth earbuds. 

What Should You Look For In Earbuds?

Generally, the type of earbuds that you purchase will depend on your key preferences. Bluetooth earbuds are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of different situations, whether that’s just going for a walk or while you’re traveling out and about.

There are different factors and specifications that’ll influence your decision. These are your location and surroundings and your intended use, i.e. the activity that you’re doing.

For example, if you’re going for a run in a busy location, your surroundings might be loud and you might want to look at earbuds with a noise-canceling feature. If you’re working out at the gym, you’re going to want to ensure that they’re secure. 

Here’s what you should consider when you’re purchasing Bluetooth earbuds:


You’ll want to ensure that the charging adapter uses a standard USB port. The last thing you’ll want is something that’s not compatible with what you already have.  


If you’re wearing them all day every day, they have to be comfortable. Earbuds come in different shapes and sizes and you should find one that suits your ear shape best.


If your earbuds have too many different parts to them, they’re not going to be easy to transport around with you. You want your earbuds to be compact. The fewer accessories the better. 


If the features of your Bluetooth earbuds aren’t easy to control, then it becomes a problem. If you’re unable to control the features, like sound, for example, you’re not having the personalized listening experience that you deserve.

Overall, think about what you’ll use them for most and consider factors like battery life and durability to help your decision.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds

There are so many to choose from on the market right now so it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right ones. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve chosen three great Bluetooth earbuds options – BLXBuds, DB Buds and Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. So, let’s compare them.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

BEST FEATURE: Noise-Canceling

PRICE: $279

If your top priority is noise-canceling earphones, then these are a great pick. The sound is great, the design of the earbuds is sleek, but the case does slightly let the side down. 

It’s pretty chunky and isn’t all that convenient for when you’re traveling around. Plus, the charge of the case isn’t too great either. If you’re out for a long period, then there’s the chance that they won’t last for the entire duration. These are also quite pricey, but this will depend on your budget.

DB Buds

BEST FEATURE: Impressive Sound and ANC technology

PRICE: $59.99 (Sale Price!)

DB Buds have the perfect balance of high-quality and affordable and that’s not easy to find. Yes, they’re in the lowest price bracket but they are placed high in the value aspect. 

They have Active Noise Cancelling Technology (ANC) so you can adjust enjoy your music or call without dealing with noise out there. Also, they are super fast and easy to set up, requiring minimal effort. All of this at a great price? Give me 3 pairs!

Read full DB Buds review: 


BEST FEATURE: Impressive Charging and Sound

PRICE: $59.99 (Sale Price!)

BLXBuds are the embodiment of high-quality but affordable and that can be pretty rare. Just because they’re in the lowest price bracket certainly doesn’t mean that they’re low elsewhere. 

The in-ear tips are interchangeable so you can adjust them according to your comfort, connectivity is super easy, the sound is incredible, and they charge in just an hour! All of this and still affordable? Yes, please.

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They’re all great products, but for us, DB Buds and BLXBuds are the winners. They offer a range of quality features for a fraction of the price of the others. They just prove that you don’t have to necessarily splurge out on the big bucks to get a product that you love.

Bluetooth earbuds are changing the music experience and you deserve to have one that delivers exactly what you want.

October 12, 2021


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