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TV Fix Caster Reviews: Big Deal or Big Scam?

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Indoor Entertainment at its best? Keep Reading to Find Out

Do you ever worry about entertaining your friends when they come to visit? Have you ever had something cool on your phone you wish everyone could see? These are things I stress about when I invite people over. Luckily, I discovered the TVFix Caster and it’s helped me turn my boring home into the ultimate place for fun and entertainment.

Does the TVFix Caster Actually Work?

If you think this is just another TVFix Caster Scam, you’re not alone. At first, so did I. But after trying it out for myself, I saw that the possibilities are endless. The TVFix Caster channels are pretty much anything you want. If you can stream it, you can cast it. It’s really that simple.
After failed attempts with other screencasting devices, I decided to write my own TVFix Caster review. Aside from ease of use, what really had my sold was the TVFix Caster price. If you’re still not sure after reading from my own personal experience, you might as well get one for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, there’s a money back guarantee. That means there’s really no risk to you.

My Phone Went Straight to the Big Screen

Coming back from a long backpacking trip through Asia, I had thousands of pictures to show my friends and family. People came by to visit me and hear all about my wild adventures, as I carefully swiped through my gallery on my phone. I could feel peoples’ breath down my neck as they all gathered around and watched my tiny screen. As much as I missed everyone, this was starting to get a little too close for comfort, and frankly, just annoying.
I’m not very tech savvy, but I decided maybe it was time to test out this device everyone’s been raving about. I’ve read a few TVFix Caster reviews online and they are mostly positive, with a few different comparisons to some of the bigger, more expensive, name brands.

Share Your Media on ANY Screen

On the official website, TVFix Caster price was at a special discount, so I was able to get one for only $49.95 (retail: $99.90). When it arrived, I immediately took it out of the package to test it out. As I mentioned before, I’m not very tech savvy, and I don’t even have the patience to read through instruction manuals, so I was very pleased to see that there are not many steps to setting it up.
After five minutes, I was using my phone as a remote to my TV, swiping through all the pictures I had taken on my trip. This device is great for sharing pictures and videos and is super easy to use (which is the main reason I love it). But I still wasn’t completely convinced this isn’t a TVFix Caster scam. I still had a few things I wanted to test out.

What else can a screen caster do?

Like it says in the name, TVFix Caster is good for casting to your TV. Whatever media you have on your phone, can now be instantly shared on any screen as your TVFix Caster channels. According to TVFix Caster Reviews, this streaming device does many things:

  • Instant streaming
  • Works with YouTube, Vevo, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now/Go, Sling TV, DailyMotion, Twitch, to name a few.
  • Works for streaming music from Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, TuneIn Radio, iPlayer Radio, and others

I initially bought a caster for the purpose of sharing media from my phone with all my friends, but I think I’m going to have a lot of fun screencasting my favorite shows if it actually works as well as people say. Before testing it out for myself, there are a few things I’ll be looking for:

  • Is there any buffering?
  • Quality and resolution
  • Does it lag?
  • How is the sound quality?

Easy Set Up

The first time I set up my screen caster, I shared my screen from my phone to my big screen TV. It was pretty straight forward and took about five minutes. Compared to other media streaming devices, TVFix Caster takes the cake.
I had a previous attempt with another streaming device that needed a long HDMI cord and required me to download an app. It took about 20 minutes of “setting up” before I called it quits. After that experience, I never bothered with that device again.


Ever since using the TVFix Caster, I’ve actually considered getting rid of my cable! I usually watch everything on streaming services anyway, except for the news. But even that can be found online and casted to my TV.
The next time I go traveling, I will probably take my caster with me. It works anywhere that has WiFi. According to one satisfied customer, “The TVFix Caster was really useful traveling abroad! I stayed in different hotels, hostels, and had a few nights that it rained so hard all I could do was stay in and stream my favorite shows online. I didn’t feel bored even though I was bound to my hotel room. And it’s cheaper than ordering a movie.”

Quality and Resolution

Aside from ease of use, this is the second most important thing. Unlike other streaming devices, the TVFix Caster has amazing quality and 1080p resolution. There is no lagging or buffering when streaming and the picture and sound quality is exactly the same as watching TV in real time. Whether its sharing images, videos, or just swiping right on a dating app, this device is perfect. I was skeptical at first, but turns out this isn’t a TVFix Caster scam, it’s the real thing.


After using this device for some time now, I can honestly say it lives up to the hype. All my content is in one convenient place and I can take it with me wherever I go to share with my friends and family. Some TVFix Caster reviews even claim they’ve been saving money with it because they have gotten rid of their cable, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
Something else to consider is the possibilities of screencasting at school and the office. This can be used for learning, sharing notes and presentations.


The only thing I can think of, is that you need a WiFi connection in order for this device to work. But almost everywhere you go these days has WiFi, so it shouldn’t be too hard to solve that problem.

My Final Verdict

TVFix Caster is better than other streaming devices out there. I think its simplicity and convenience make it ideal for anyone, especially people like me who don’t have the patience or knowledge of tech products. I barely had any issues with it. It’s super easy to set up and use. Right now, they have them on sale for great discount prices:

1 TVFix Caster – $49.99
2 TVFix Caster – $99.90
3 TVFix Caster – $112.39
4 TVFix Caster – $174.83

If you think you’re ready to get one, I’ll include a link to their official website here. This is a great product to have for yourself and when you want to make sure there’s entertainment when you have people over. You’ll never have to worry about any “awkward silence” again.

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TV Fix Caster Reviews: Big Deal or Big Scam?

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Best Choice 2020

TV Fix Caster Reviews: Big Deal or Big Scam?

Get yours now!