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Prime Amplifiers – A Buyers Guide and Review

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Dealing with hearing loss can adversely affect your mental health and reduce your quality of life. However, many seniors don’t have the budget in their pension to afford an expensive hearing aid. As a result, they spend their days struggling with their condition, creating stress on all of their relationships.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to hear properly. Realizing that there are thousands of seniors looking for an option for cheap hearing aids that’s within their budget, we decided to go digging through the online hearing aid reviews and listings to find a suitable alternative. Seehearnow is a great resource if you want to compare features and benefits of different devices as well.

We weren’t expecting to find a great deal, and were pleasantly surprised when we came across “Prime Amplifiers”. This budget-branded hearing device is a fraction of the cost of leading models, and the cheapest hearing aid devices we could find online.

Here’s an in-depth review on Prime amplifiers to help you make an informed decision before you commit to your purchase.

Identifying Hearing Loss

If you’re reading this article, it may be because someone close to you has told you that you have a hearing problem. If you’re reading this because you think your loved one or parent has a hearing problem – then you’re probably right.

Seniors typically begin to encounter issues with hearing loss in their late sixties. The ear canals become narrow, reducing the ears capacity to convey sound to the vestibular system. The vestibular system is a network of nerves starting at your brain stem, moving through your ears and throat.

Interruption to the normal function of the vestibular system leads to signs of hearing loss, including issues like tinnitus. Seniors living with hearing loss may not even realize they have a problem until a family member or assisted care nurse tells them they’re listening to the television at a high volume.

Some seniors may find that they can no longer hear the telephone ringing, and struggle to keep up with conversations. If you’re always asking people to repeat themselves because you couldn’t catch what they were saying – then you may have an issue with your hearing.

Diagnosing Hearing Loss

Visit your physician for a medical diagnosis of your condition. Your doctor conducts a brief examination and refers you to a specialist audiologist for further diagnosis. The specialist runs batteries of tests to determine the extent of the hearing loss, and the expected rate of your hearing loss in the future.

After the examination, your audiologist will make recommendations for hearing devices. Depending on the extent of your hearing loss, they may recommend various types of hearing aids, with the most popular being the over-the-ear option that features an earpiece designed to fit inside the ear canal.

Coping with Hearing Loss

The best hearing aids can cost upwards of $5,000, and many insurers won’t cover the full cost of the equipment. Searching online for your hearing devices is a prudent strategy to ensure you get the best deal you can afford on your budget. A popular device is the Empower Hearing Amplifier. Customers love the cost and quality. It’s a great device and is very user friendly. 

It’s possible to find the hearing aid you need for a fraction of the cost of leading original equipment from top name brands. Prime amplifiers are an excellent example of a hearing aid price that seniors can afford. These rechargeable hearing aids may not have the elegant design of other models like the Hearing Hero, and they may not offer the same level of functionality, but they remain a top choice for anyone on a budget.

Prime Amplifiers – An Honest Review

When we set out to find the cheapest hearing aid we could find, we didn’t expect to see much from our results. However, we were pleased to find a product that exceeded our expectations for a budget hearing device. Prime Amplifiers are an example of all the technology you need to enhance your hearing, with an affordable price tag.

Seniors living on a budget may want to take a look at Prime Amplifiers – they’re an affordable solution that won’t eat into your monthly pension.

Prime Amplifiers collaborate with audiologists to bring you an auditory experience that will change your life. If you’ve been putting off a purchase because you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a hearing aid – Prime amplifiers are the product you need to take back your hearing and your quality of life.

The package comes with two hearing aid devices featuring fully adjustable volume levels and six customizable ear tips to fit any size ear canal. The device includes six AG5 batteries and detailed instructions for your first user experience.

Prime amplifiers state that they use a new earpiece design, allowing the user to place the speaker deeper in their ear for enhanced hearing. The deeper placement in the ear allows for your ear to take advantage of its natural acoustics to improve the sound of the device.

The Prime amplifiers do a good job of amplifying speech while reducing background noise, but we found that we had to place the earpiece deep in the ear to get the optimal setting. However, considering the price tag, they are an affordable option that will help thousands of seniors recover their hearing.


  • Very affordable.
  • Decent performance for seniors on a budget.
  • Designed by doctors.


  • Low battery operation.
  • Bulky design.
  • Don’t look very durable.
  • Not for people with severe hearing loss.

The Final Word – Prime Amplifiers, Your Budget Solution

For those seniors who can’t afford a premium brand, Prime Amplifiers offer an inexpensive solution to their hearing loss. Affordable hearing aids are hard to come by, but Prime Amplifiers are a product we can get behind. While you should expect to get what you pay for, you won’t be disappointed. Hearing loss treatments don’t have to be expensive or complicated. 

For an enhanced version of Prime Amplifiers, with a slightly higher price tag that’s still very reasonable, considering the functionality – check out HearingHero. These affordable hearing aids are a league above the competition and excellent value for money.

However, if times are tight and money is running thin, then Prime Amplifiers are your next best bet for a set of hearing aids that bring your hearing back to full resolution.

September 3, 2020


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