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Playbeatz Reviews 2020: Worth the Buy?

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PlayBeatz Reviews Are Mixed. Read This to Decide for Yourself

Can you imagine working out without any music? You’ve probably heard the term “cutting the cord” before, referring to wireless tech products and earbuds are no exception. Granted, wireless earbuds have been around for awhile with many different variations claiming to be ‘the best’. I’ve even dabbled in a few different pairs, but I haven’t quite found the perfect buds… until now.

PlayBeatz Earbuds Are In. But Are They Really That Amazing?

I love working out. And aside from my water bottle, the other ‘must have’ is my music. Since I started weight training, I’ve been getting annoyed by the long wires from my earbuds. Making sure my wires weren’t in the way is not only irritating, but dangerous when you’re at the gym.

I’ve been hearing such good things about the PlayBeatz Earbuds, I thought I’d give them a try. To be honest, the main reason I purchased them was the price point. Other earbuds are easily over $200, but the PlayBeatz came up to $69.99. Very affordable if you ask me, and even if I decided that I didn’t like them, I could always send them back without any hassle.

Are PlayBeatz Better Than Other Earbuds and Headphones?

To determine whether or not the PlayBeatz earbuds are right for me, it’s only fair to compare them to earbuds and headphones (both wired and wireless) I’ve used before. According to PlayBeatz reviews, “they are comparable to some of the most expensive brands at a fraction of the cost”. But as with all tech devices, there are a few people who wouldn’t recommend the product. Some even claiming that it’s just a PlayBeatz scam, and I should spend my money elsewhere.

Are PlayBeatz More Comfortable than Other Earbuds/Headphones?

When it comes to comfort, I usually look for silicone tipped earbuds. And although PlayBeatz are plastic, they are still comfortable. But I think this could also be because PlayBeatz fit snug in the ear canal, so they barely move when I’m wearing them.

I can be in the middle of a vigorous workout or sprinting on the track, and my PlayBeatz stay perfectly in place. Silicone earbuds may be comfy, but I find that I am constantly adjusting them to find that ‘sweet spot’.

PlayBeatz Vs. Headphones At the Gym

Headphones on the other hand, I think are very comfortable. I like that it cups the entire ear and has thick, soft lining. But headphones are probably the most impractical way to listen to music when you’re on the go. If I happen to be at home in bed, I think they’re fine. I actually had a favorite pair of headphones I used to wear at the gym and they stopped working after six months. I think it mostly had to do with the moisture and movement that wasn’t meant for the headphones. And they set me back over $300. Needless to say, I was pretty choked.

PlayBeatz Vs. Other Earbuds/Headphones for Travel

Another time I think music is absolutely necessary is when I’m traveling. Whether its for work or pleasure, sitting in on a bus or a 16 hour flight will definitely require some entertainment. When I brought my PlayBeatz on a 12 hour flight to Asia, I barely had to charge them. I did however keep them in their charging case when I was sleeping, but other than that, they were going pretty strong the rest of the flight!

I also found them very convenient when I was getting phone calls and my hands were full. The phone quality was very clear and I like that the music stops on its own and continues again after your call is finished. This is a truly hands free device and perfect for busy people like myself.

Are PlayBeatz Durable?

After using PlayBeatz at the gym, walking to work, even traveling, I can say they are built to be roughed up. I’m not one to be very careful with my things (almost every phone I have ever owned has a cracked screen!), but my PlayBeatz are in the same condition as the very first day I got them. And my life is pretty hectic! I’m always throwing things into my purse or gym bad when I’m in a rush and these buds still work amazingly well.

The Case is very durable and keeps the earbuds from getting dirty or collecting dust, and the quality of the earbuds themselves has never declined even after a good beating. I find that other listening devices will either lose complete audio in one ear or become staticky.

PlayBeatz Pros

As a customer, what I was most concerned with is the affordability and convenience of the product. The cost of PlayBeatz is why I purchased them. It’s hard to find decent earbuds under $100, but these buds were only $69.99. They have some great deals if you decide to purchase some for yourself. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. When I first tried to order a pair, they were actually all sold out. I regret not buying more than one.

Other notable features:

  •       Extended range (10 m/ 33 ft)
  •       Hands free calling
  •       100 hours of use on one ear
  •       60 hours of use for two ears
  •       Talk/play time: 3 hrs

PlayBeatz Cons

Unlike those big, bulky headphones I mentioned before, PlayBeatz are not completely noise canceling. They still cancel out most noise, but not completely.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend these PlayBeatz to anyone looking for quality, affordable earbuds. Most PlayBeatz reviews agree with the price point and comfortability. They are a great deal for what they cost and perfect for any type of activity or lifestyle. PlayBeatz are small, compact, and convenient to keep in your bag or pocket. With birthdays and holidays around the corner, they would make the perfect gift.


November 8, 2019


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Playbeatz Reviews 2020: Worth the Buy?

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Best Choice 2020

Playbeatz Reviews 2020: Worth the Buy?

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