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PerroPal Trainer Review: Train Your Dog the Right Way!

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If you are tired of the uncontrollable barking of your dog, check out this PerroPal Trainer review and read up on a product that might just change your life!

What Is PerroPal Trainer?

PerroPal Trainer is an anti-bark device that uses ultrasonic features and LED flashlights to help control and train your dog. These high pitched frequencies can only be heard by dogs and not humans, based on their unique hearing ability. With the PerroPal Trainer’s most prominent features, the dog almost immediately starts to behave and comes under control.

This device is also for those who do not own a dog, but fear them in their presence. If such people have a dog bark incessantly at them or hovering towards them, they can also use the PerroPal Trainer to keep the stranger dog in control. This way, such people can easily walk the streets without the fear of street or pet dogs roaming around, waiting to attack them.

Does PerroPal Trainer Work?

PerroPal Trainer has adopted double channel features. This means that with just one device, the owner is capable of training two dogs at the same time. Furthermore, not only is the device accompanied by high pitch sound frequencies, the LED feature is an additive to its ultrasonic capability that allows dogs to come into control within seconds.

The light is also beneficial for those owners who walk their dog at night, or those who take a stroll at night and fear random dogs attacking them. The light feature distracts the dog from the surrounding environment due to its brightness, and will allow them to focus solely on the lamp for the walk to be stress-free.

Some of the technical features are also noteworthy. The high pitch frequency sounds are adjustable and reach up to 125 dB. This means that if your dog, or any stranger dog, is not controllable then the ultrasonic waves can be adjusted to higher frequencies without harming the dog.

PerroPal Trainer also effectively targets dogs up to 20m away. Hence, if you are strolling in the park and notice a dog approaching you from a distance, all you need to do is point the device and turn the button on. Within the effective range, the dog will stop approaching you and will turn its course because it realizes that they are not wanted in that vicinity.

The device can also be used as a useful training device. Many people do not keep pet dogs because the cost of hiring a professional trainer is sky-high. However, with this device at hand, your pet dog can easily be trained in your desired way. The training session can be accompanied by videos available online where trainers themselves advise owners on the different methods they can adopt during the process. In this situation, PerroPal Trainer is bound to keep your dog in control and disciplined, similar to the way professionals do.

Pros and Cons of Using PerroPal Trainer

PerroPal Trainer has a number of pros and cons that need to be considered. Here are some of the following:


  • Using PerroPal Trainer will allow your dog to be obedient inside the house and outside. Dogs are usually more controllable inside the house as they are situated in a controlled environment. However, the outdoors have more animals, humans and open spaces that sometimes excite the dog beyond control. This device will make the outdoor walks more stress-free and easy for the dog and the owner, both.
  • If you are a person who enjoys their night’s sleep but is occasionally disturbed by the neighbor’s dog barking, then the PerroPal bark stopper is ideal for you. All it takes is for you to point the device to the dog, and they will discipline themselves into not barking, allowing you to sleep peacefully through the night.
  • It is extremely safe to use. PerroPal Trainer is not made with any sort of chemicals and the mechanisms do not allow any physical contact with the dog, whatsoever. Hence, both, humans and dogs, remain completely unharmed through the sound or visual stimulation of the device.


  • PerroPal Trainer will not work when the battery voltage of the device is too low. The ultrasonic trainer will find it difficult to give off its sound and visual features due to the lack of power and will instantly need a battery change for optimization.
  • The dog bark trainer will also not work if the dog is quietly sitting with the owner or if they are well-trained. This is because the high pitch frequencies will not prompt the dog to discipline themselves, when they are already obedient to begin with.
  • Available to buy only online

Final Verdict

PerroPal Trainer has worked very well for me, personally. I could not afford a professional trainer, but this device has allowed me to get my dog to behave on its own. Whenever he barks at odd hours, I simply use this device for him to calm down and not disturb me and my neighbors.

The device is also extremely light on the pocket and durable. It is as big as my palm and can be carried around wherever I go. Many times I simply shove it in my pocket whenever I take my dog for a walk, but other times I have also attached the latch onto my belt (which I feel is probably the most innovative method to carry this device).

Lastly, all PerroPal Trainer reviews and product descriptions mention a full Money Back Guarantee on the product. This shows that consumer interest is highly important to the manufacturers and they are motivated to provide a high-quality, workable product for the owner’s best use.

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October 2, 2020


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