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InfinitiKloud Reviews: Is this Flash drive worth it?

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Oops! Files disappeared again? Recover your data with a simple click.

INTRODUCING INFINITIKLOUD. The ultimate backup device with built-in software that makes recovering your files as easy as a simple click, as all InfinitiKloud reviews confirm.

We’ve all been there. Pulling all nighters to finish a paper, spending hours downloading and sifting through photos from your last vacation, and saving your favorite media for the ultimate summertime backyard party. Your laptop contains important information, files, and media that you hold near and dear to your heart.

If you can relate, then you know the fear and traumatic aftermath that follows when your computer crashes. All of your hard work and memories, lost… never to be found again. Until now. Keep reading this InfinitiKloud review to never experience this again.

InfinitiKloud is the easiest and most efficient way to backup your files and keep all your important data safe and protected, just as all the InfinitiKloud reviews confirm. Whether your computer crashes, or a software bug deletes your important files, you can rest assured knowing that your files can be restored in a matter of seconds with a single click.

What you need to know about InfinitiKloud

InfinitiKloud is a USB flash drive with desktop software and does not require the internet to work. The flash drive is compatible with PC, Windows, iPhones, Android phones like Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and all Mac. I have read InfinitiKloud reviews from users who have all sorts of devices.

InfinitiKloud takes seconds to launch and only minutes to backup your files (depending on how large and how many files you have). The following extensions are eligible for backup with InfinitiKloud:

  • Photos/ Images: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, apng, ico, icns, svg, wmf
  • Music: mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac
  • Videos: mp4, mpeg, mov, wmv, avi
  • Documents: txt, pages, doc, docx, rtf, odt, wpd, pdf, xls, xlsx, xlr, numbers, ppt, pptx, pps, psd

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? There are many devices that claim to do the same thing, but the InfinitiKloud flash drive is the real deal. It’s not only me, this can be confirmed by all the InfinitiKloud reviews out there.

How InfinitiKloud can help you

Did you know every week, 140,000 hard drives crash in the US alone (Mozy Online Backup)? And American businesses lost more than $7.6 billion from viruses in the first six months of 1999 (Computer Economics)? This is a hard hit to take both financially and mentally. Luckily, InfinitiKloud flash drive is a simple fix to a major epidemic. And the best part is, you don’t need to be tech savvy to use it! Just read all those InfinitiKloud reviews to confirm.

With InfinitiKloud, you can backup files, media, thousands of photos and other important documents for safe- keeping. That means, even if your computer crashes or you lost your smartphone, you can still access your data from the device. InfinitiKloud also supports multilingual UI such as English, French, German and Portuguese, which is great for computers with more than one user.

You never backup your files, what’s the worst that could happen?

Why do computers seem to crash at the worst times? To avoid frequent computer crashes, many people and businesses hire computer technicians to perform tune ups on their PC’s. This usually consists of spyware removal, disk drive defragmentation, virus removal and definition updates. If you’re not tech savvy, chances are, the ‘computer guy’ will tell you you need “this and that”, you’ll agree and pay whatever they charge. This ‘optimization’ could end up costing you thousands of dollars over time. So why not do it yourself?

In the event of a crash, software can always be reinstalled, but your data may not always be recovered. Even companies that have been up and running for years, still make the mistake of not backing up data, and have paid the price.

JournalSpace was a blog hosting service, and due to lost data, had to shut down. Speculation of failure is from OS or a disgruntled employee who deleted the data on their own.

Still on the fence? Maybe these statistics will change your mind:

  • 60% of companies that lose their data shut down after 6 months
  • 93% of companies that lose their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of disaster
  • 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately
  • A simple drive recovery can cost upwards of $7,500 and success is not guaranteed! (Boston Computing Network)

Why customers trust InfinitiKloud

InfinitiKloud has been helping people recover files, archive thousands of documents seamlessly, and save irreplaceable photos. Laptops and computers for both personal and work use can crash at any given time. It’s good to know that there is a reliable and trusted device that can prevent you from losing years of information. All it takes is a simple click and InfinitiKloud will protect important and sensitive files on your computer. The backup program runs automatically, scanning your hard drive and saving your selected files.

InfinitiKloud flash drive can be taken with you anywhere, so you never have to worry about losing data on any laptop or computer. Take your work with you and even transfer your files on to any computer.

Think of it as insurance. Hopefully your computer will never crash, but if it does, at least you have InfinitiKloud to back you up.

InfinitiKloud’s technical specs

  • Three versions: 32GB (50 000+ photos), 64GB (100 000+ photos) & 128GB (200 000+ photos)
  • Compatible with all smartphones (iOS and Android) and computers (Windows and Mac)
  • Backup instantly files to your flash drive
  • Restore files from your flash drive to specified location in computer
  • Amazing USB 3.0 speed
  • Does not need internet
  • Comes with free adapters for all your different devices
  • Delete backed up files
  • Browse backed up files
  • Backup files with multiple versions
  • Support multilingual UI: English, French, German, Portuguese
  • Custom backup with specified file extensions
  • Show all file statistics
  • Auto detection
  • Ultra high-speed

The overall verdict on InfinitiKloud

If you are not tech savvy, the InfinitiKloud USB is perfect for you. With its super simple setup and built in software, there is nothing to download, install, or sign into. No passwords you need to remember, or clicking through multiple screens to access the app. The simplicity of the device alone, is one of the main reasons customers keep reordering.

One satisfied customer ordered over a dozen InfinitKloud 128GB for his entire office after a major crash during one of the busiest seasons for his business. It took months to financially recover from this loss, and it almost drove them to shut down. After realizing how ill prepared they were for the crash, he immediately went online to order the device.

I kept thinking, this could never happen to me. And just like that, it did.

InfinitiKloud flash drive can find and backup your data with a simple click. It’s auto-detection feature makes for a user friendly experience, so you won’t have to waste time digging through old files and folders. This device works on any computer or smartphone. It’s the most cost effective and smartest way to keep your data safe and protected.

How can you get an InfinitiKloud today

If you’re ready to start protecting your data, you can get an InfinitiKloud on the order page found here. They often have great deals and discounts on nfinitiKloud 32GB, InfinitiKloud 64GB. The more you buy, the greater the discounts are.

September 30, 2020


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BEST CHOICE 2023 InfinitiKloud Reviews: Is this Flash drive worth it?
InfinitiKloud Reviews: Is this Flash drive worth it?
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BEST CHOICE 2023 InfinitiKloud Reviews: Is this Flash drive worth it?
Get yours now >

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InfinitiKloud Reviews: Is this Flash drive worth it?