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How to Screen Cast from your iPhone

How to Screen Cast from your iPhone

So, are you trying to watch a movie, show, or video on your TV that you have on your phone? Well, lucky for you, this article will show you exactly how to screen cast on iPhone! It may seem niche, but the ability to do device mirroring with your iPhone is extremely helpful when you want to stream using a service that is not otherwise available on your TV, such as Hulu, HBO, or Netflix if they’re not included on your TV or in your cable package.

Below is a simple walkthrough on how to cast iPhone to screen without Apple TV!

Step 1: Why get a casting device?

The unfortunate reality of being able to mobile screen cast for iPhone is that you’ll need a device of some kind to do this, as it is not a capability inherent to most TVs or your iPhone. Luckily for you, there are plenty of devices that are able to do this. There are mainstream options, such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast, but there are other options as well!

You may think there’s not much reason for getting a separate device for casting your mobile device to your TV, but there are a number of benefits!

  • You won’t need to upgrade your TV or buy an expensive piece of tech in order to stream your favorite movies and shows!
  • You will be able to control your screen from anywhere in the room with your phone, no more keeping track of remotes!
  • Keeps all of your streaming apps on one device, which is extremely convenient. This is especially true with your phone, which is always with you!
  • You will get rid of a ton of needless wires with this wireless method of controlling your TV.
  • Since you can stream audio and video from the internet from your phone directly, you can get access to even more than any other device that doesn’t have this function, such as gaming systems, Rokus, and Apple TVs!
  • Once you’re casting directly to your TV, the cable box becomes obsolete. Save money on the monthly bill and ditch cable, and enter the world of mobile device mirroring and casting directly from your phone.

How to Screen Cast from your iPhone

Step 2: Choosing a device.

There are many different devices that can be used to screen cast with iPhone. However, many of these can be expensive, restrict you to certain streaming services, or some combination of the two. One fantastic option is the TVFix Caster, which is an affordable, easy to use casting device for helping you screen cast your iPhone to TV.

See a great review for the TVFix here (!

As the TVFix Caster reviews point out, there are a few reasons that this particular device is so great.

  • It has access to all of your favorite streaming services. Whether it’s HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Crackle, or anything in between, the TVFix Caster is equipped to handle all of your streaming needs.
  • TVFix can be used with any modern television set. This capability allows it to be flexible enough to use in any and all households.
  • It is not a complicated device to use at all, and only requires a mobile device, a television, and a WiFi connection.
  • It can stream music as well to be played out loud by your TV and has access to Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, and more for all of your music streaming needs.
  • It is exceptionally easy to set up, use, and navigate, and only requires an HDMI port, an outlet, and an iPhone or Android that it can be connected to!

How to Screen Cast from your iPhone

Setting up your device.

Setting up a casting device is an extremely simple process in most, if not all cases. For simplicity’s sake, we will use the TVFix Caster. This is because we’ve already gone over it, and it is an exceptionally intuitive and easy to use device, while still being very similar to most other casting devices.

  • First, you’re going to want to find your TV’s HDMI port. Plug the casting device into this port, and note if it says anywhere near the port which port it is (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.), this will be important in a couple of steps.
  • Secondly, make sure that if the device needs a power source, that it’s plugged into a nearby outlet. Nothing worse than your device dying at the climax of your favorite film!
  • Next, change your TV’s input to the same as the input you plugged your TVFix or another casting device into. This can be done with the remote that came with the TV, or usually with a button somewhere on the TV itself as well.
  • Next, you’ll need to connect your device to the internet in order to connect it with a mobile device. Pair your TVFix with your WiFi network. This should take no longer than 30 seconds.
  • After you pair your mobile device, you’re good to go! Run a few tests by turning on a show you love. If your internet connection is good, you should have lag-free video and audio for all your streaming services!

Once your set up, casting should be a breeze. The casting option should be in all of your streaming apps or in your iPhone or Android’s settings, depending on what casting device you’ve purchased. Simply tap where the casting symbol is and select TVFix (or whatever device you decided to purchase) and cast away!

So, if you’re looking to replace your TV with a smart TV, consolidate your streaming services onto one device, seamlessly stream music, movies, television, and any other audio and video on any TV with an HDMI port, then look no further than device mirroring on your iPhone or Android. This is as simple as buying a TVFix or similar device, going through the extremely simple steps above, and kicking back and relaxing to view your favorite shows for a fraction of the price you would have paid for a new TV. So ditch the smart TVs, ditch your cable box, and get rid of the pile of wires clogging up your living room. Your phone is the remote now, so turn it on and get streaming!

October 31, 2020


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