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How to Get Better Reception on TV Antenna

Did you know that you can still enjoy many of your favorite TV networks without having to commit to an expensive cable package? With a TV antenna, you can enjoy many TV stations for free. We’re not talking about rabbit-ear TV antennas that were in nearly every household decades ago. Antenna boxes are a lot smaller so they don’t create an eye-sore around your TV.

Getting reception from an antenna box isn’t as simple as connecting it to your TV and doing a channel scan. In order to get a good signal, you will need to make sure the TV antenna is in the right area. When you make sure the TV antenna is getting the best reception, you could have access to a lot more channels. 

If you’re wondering how to get better reception on TV antenna, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to discuss how to get the best signal using an antenna box. Keep reading to find out more.

Know what could prevent problems before you start

Making sure you can get good reception before you connect the antenna can make the process a lot easier from the very beginning. One thing you always need to be aware of is that TV antennas are not fully reliable. Certain problems can affect how the antenna will work. Some issues, like bad weather, are unavoidable.  

Antennas do not work well around any metal. Any type of metal nearby could prevent them from getting a good reception. This means that if you place the TV antenna anywhere near metal, it is highly likely that it will interfere with your reception. You should always do a thorough check of your surroundings before placing the TV antenna. 

Something as simple as the metal in a window frame it’s beside could interfere with the signal. That’s the last thing you want to happen when you’re watching a live game!

Positioning of your TV antenna matters

One of the most important things to think about when you’re trying to improve the reception you’re getting from the antenna is where it’s placed. Where it’s placed could make the difference on whether you get 2 channels or 20. This is also very important for making sure you get the best quality for picture and sound.

How to get better reception on outdoor TV antenna

A lot of people still consider buying a larger outdoor TV antenna. These are a good choice for people who live a far distance from the nearest TV tower. The best placement for an outdoor TV antenna is as high as possible. We recommend placing an outdoor antenna at a high point on your roof where there is nothing in the way to obstruct the signal.

How to get better reception on indoor TV antenna

Indoor antennas also benefit from being placed up high. However, it may be more of a challenge to find the right spot. The ideal spot for an indoor TV antenna is by a window with no metal in sight.

If the window has a metal screen, you may have to remove it for better reception. It may take you a few tried to find the best placement indoors for your TV antenna. 

Many people believe they need an outdoor antenna to get the best reception. However, with modern technology, there are many options for high-quality indoor TV antenna boxes. Novawave TV antenna has top-tier software to get the best signal. A reliable antenna box, like Novawave, makes a huge difference in the quality of signal you receive. 

Don’t put the TV antenna away

Modern indoor TV antennas are great because they can be placed just about anywhere. This makes them easier to stick to a window or high up on the wall. Many people want to have their antenna box out of sight, however, keeping it hidden could be affecting the reception. 

The reception will always be better when the TV antenna is out in the open. Putting it away in a hidden area, like a cabinet or drawer, is likely to result in a poor signal. Always think strategically when placing your TV antenna. If the antenna isn’t in an area where it can get a good signal, it won’t be able to deliver you good TV.

Reset the digital tuner

If your TV antenna normally provides you with good reception, but lately it’s been on the weak side, you could get better reception by resetting the digital tuner. This may be necessary to do every now and again because the broadcasters will change the metadata and the antenna may be using the old data. This is how you can reset the digital tuner:

  1. Start by disconnecting the TV antenna from the back of your TV.
  2. Run a channel scan on your TV.
  3. Turn off the TV and unplug it. Do the same to the antenna box.
  4. Wait for 15 seconds, then reconnect your TV and TV antenna. 
  5. Run the channel scan again.

This should take a couple of minutes and after it’s performed, you should start to see the channel information again. You may even notice a clearer picture with better quality sound after going the reset.

Final thoughts

TV antennas are a great way to save money and get rid of that expensive cable package. A lot of people don’t want to miss out on their favorite live TV events, so an antenna can allow them to pick up TV channels for free. All of the channels that are picked up are on-air channels, which makes TV antennas 100 % legal.

However, TV antennas are not the most reliable sources. If the antenna isn’t in the right location, you may not get the best reception. Finding the best location in your home for the TV antenna could get you more on-air channels. Always makes sure the antenna is placed in an open area with no metal nearby. This will get you the clearest signal indoors. 

October 6, 2021


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