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How to Find the Best Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna

So, you’ve decided to ditch the cable to save some money. But, you still want to use your fantastic HDTV. Although it’s smart to cut out the cable, you’re not sure which flat panel antenna will be best for the money. There are many types of indoor flat panel antenna to choose from, so how do you find the right one?

There are many things to consider when hunting for an antenna. Plus you don’t waste money on the wrong kind of flat panel antenna. This guide will take you through the ins and outs along with a few suggestions.

Online buying guides are great for gauging which antennas to consider. But also remember they don’t account for the many factors affecting reception for your personal situation.

Preliminary Considerations

Before deciding on anything, find out the number and types of channels that you can access. Use the DTV antenna map by the FCC. You’ll be able locate where the broadcasting station is via the station’s call letters. What’s more, you’ll have an idea of the channels you can view and how strong their signals are.

All of this information will be invaluable when you buy and install your flat panel antenna. When you can see how strong the signals are for each channel, this will help you determine whether you need an HD flat panel antenna that has an amplifier or not.

Strong vs. Weaker Signals

So, if you have a lot strong channels, you shouldn’t have to get a flat panel antenna with an amplifier. This will go a long way in deciding which features you want when looking at all the various models available. Since an amplifier can increase the cost, it’s important to understand if it’s necessary for your particular setup.

In the case you find the channel signals are far too low for an indoor flat panel antenna, there are some options available to you. You can either install an outdoor one or sign up for a streaming TV service. But note that an outdoor one can cost quite a bit of money.

If an outdoor or attic antenna is out of the question, a streaming TV service may be best. It does cost more than an indoor antenna but less than an outdoor one and yet cheaper than a monthly cable bill.


Then take note of anything obstructing the signal’s path from the direction of the broadcast tower. If you live in a bustling city, there may be big buildings that have the potential to block the signal. Conversely, you might live out in the country and there’s a thick forest with a mountain nearby; these are sure to block decent reception.

So, for instance, even though you may live close to the broadcasting tower, there are far too many things that can block your ability to receive a good signal. When in doubt, ask the neighbors around you about the channels they’re able to get and what kind of antenna they use.

Shopping for an HD Flat Panel Antenna

Once you have all this information and you’ve configured the logistics for your situation, then it’s time to shop around for a flat panel antenna. Brand, quality, price and capacity are all going to be factors that should play into your decision.


An RCA indoor flat HDTV antenna might be ideal. They have a huge array to pick from with various bells and whistles to suit any situation. These are some of the most popular to get and many people swear by their effectiveness, even in the worst areas where there are obstructions all over the place.

They’re a trusted brand that’s been around for generations, providing quality TV viewing. They have warranties and guarantees too, so if you don’t like what you get, you can always return it for a full refund without the hassle of dealing with a random seller, like on Amazon.


That said, there are other brands offering a good quality HD flat panel antenna which are worth looking into. For instance, the Novawave TV Antenna is a flat panel antenna growing greatly in popularity. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee with a quick and simple way to set it up.

Of course they don’t offer all the variations like RCA, but they have an affordable flat panel antenna with a strong signal capacity. Plus you can buy it in packs of antennas that can help boost your signal to ensure you the most number of channels. These are generally in the $100 price range and individual models cost about $45.

Comparison Shopping

Once you zero in on several appropriate devices for an indoor flat panel antenna, do a side-by-side comparison. Take note of how they’re the same, in what ways they’re different and which one has the most of what you’re looking for at the best price.

Factors to Avoid

Ensure you can upgrade the cable of the antenna if need be in the future. Right now there are RG6 coaxial cables and they work fairly well. But with advancements in technology developing faster than the speed of light, you’ll want to get a new cord at some point.

It’s best to plan ahead for any possible future changes and situations. If your cable sustains damage or if a new type of cable can offer better reception, certainly you’ll want to get one. So, use a little foresight when shopping for your new antenna.

Also, don’t go for the $10 quick buys that you see on commercials. More often than not, you’ll be wasting your money because they don’t perform as well as other brands. So, it’s worth it to invest in your antenna.


When you know what you want with a flat panel antenna, you’ll ensure you get the best one for your needs. So long as you keep the tips above in mind and take your time with the selection, you can’t go wrong.

October 8, 2021


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