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How to Connect Antenna to Samsung TV: A Step By Step Guide

A lot of people are ditching their cable packages because the monthly bill is way too high. While there are a lot of streaming stations that are more affordable, people miss out on some of their favorite TV events. A streaming network doesn’t allow you to watch the Super Bowl live or see who wins the best artist at the Grammys. 

If cable is too expensive for your budget but you still want to enjoy live TV, an antenna might be right for you. An antenna allows you to get some TV stations for free. You can even use an antenna with a Samsung TV. In this guide, we’re going to discuss how to connect antenna to Samsung TV.

What is a Samsung TV antenna?

A Samsung TV antenna allows you access to several TV stations without having to pay a monthly cable bill. This means that you can watch your favorite TV when they air. When you think of TV antennas, you likely imagine those rabbit ear sticks that were attached to big box-style TVs from decades ago.

How would a smart TV like Samsung hold a set of rabbit ears? Before we get into how to connect antenna to Samsung TV we should let you know what a Samsung smart TV antenna is. A Samsung TV antenna is a small digital box that can be connected to your smart TV.

These boxes are small and sleek, so they don’t become eyesores in your living room. Companies like Novawave makes these antenna boxes that can blend into any living room. 

How to connect antenna to Samsung TV

Samsung TV antenna setup is really easy when you use the Novawave TV antenna. It is one of the most reliable antennas on the market, and we highly recommend this company for the best Samsung TV antenna connection. If you have a Samsung smart TV, you can set up an antenna to start watching free TV in just a few minutes. 

Use the following directions to properly connect antenna to Samsung TV.

Step 1: Open the source menu

Turn on your Samsung smart TV and open the home menu. The icon for the source menu will be located on the left hand side. Once you have it open, select TV as your source. When you open this page, you will see a “No Signal” warning.

Step 2: Connect Samsung TV antenna

In order to get a signal, you will need to connect antenna to Samsung TV. You can do this by locating the RF connector at the back of the TV. Simply plug your Samsung smart TV antenna into the RF connector and place the antenna box in a secure area. 

Step 3: How to program Samsung TV for antenna 

Once your Samsung TV antenna is connected, you will be able to select a channel scan. In order to do this, the Samsung TV will need to select “air” or “cable”. Select air for antenna usage. Now you will be able to perform the channel scan. The TV will detect which over-the-air channels it is capable of picking up. 

Step 4: Finishing steps

Always close the scanning process once it’s complete. You can now start flipping through the different channels that you have available. These will be your local channels, and they will be added to your smart TV’s home screen. You will be able to use the TV guide to see what shows are airing.

Step 5: Customize your free TV experience

One of the advantages of owning a Samsung Smart TV is that it has many features. When setting up your antenna, you may notice a section called TV Plus. This is a selection of free live TV channels that can be streaming over the internet. You can edit your preferred channels to show up in the TV guide.

What to do when the Samsung TV not recognizing antenna?

Learning how to connect antenna to Samsung TV can be really frustrating when the TV doesn’t recognize the antenna. If this is happening to you, the solution is very simple. Get your Samsung TV remote and select the following options in this specific order:

  1. Open menu
  2. Choose broadcasting
  3. Select scan
  4. Select air

Once you do this, the Samsung TV should recognize the antenna and allow you to select a source and do a channel scan. In the event that it doesn’t work, disconnect your antenna box and reconnect to try again. You may also need to reposition your antenna box so it can get a better signal. It may take a few tries to get the Samsung TV to recognize the antenna. 

Which antenna is best for Samsung TV?

If you’re looking for a Samsung TV antenna, we highly recommend using the Novawave TV antenna. This antenna box is known for having one of the strongest signals in the country. People who connect this antenna to their Samsung have a better chance of getting premium channels, like ABC, FOX, and CW just to name a few. 

One thing about antenna boxes is that they need to be placed in the right area to get the best signal. The Novawave TV antenna box is easy to position anywhere. It can even stick to surfaces, like your living room window. This will allow you to get the best signal, no matter where your Samsung TV antenna setup is. 

Final thoughts

If you have a Samsung smart TV, you could be getting free channels by using an antenna box. Installing an antenna box, like a Novawave TV antenna, is very easy. A high-quality antenna box in the right area could get you some of your favorite TV channels for free. Since the price of cable keeps rising, this solution could help you save money without sacrificing something you enjoy. 

Your Samsung TV will already have the connector in the back that you need to connect an antenna box. Once your box is connected, you just need to run a scan, and then you can enjoy free channels.

October 5, 2021


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