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Hearing Hero Review 2021 – Is This the Best Hearing Aid?

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When we first started looking at hearing aids, we had no idea of brands, functionality – or even the elements that make up a good hearing aid. Searching the internet yielded some results, but we couldn’t understand how some devices cost upwards of $5,000, while others retail at less than $100.

Puzzled with the situation, we decided to do a deep dive into understanding hearing aid devices. Here’s what we learned.

Our Parents Story

One beautiful winter morning, as I sat at the breakfast table sipping my morning coffee, my wife walked into the kitchen looking like she had barely slept a wink all night. She began to tell me the reason for her stressed appearance so early in the morning, was due to another venting phone call from her mom. Her father is dealing with hearing loss, and it seems that the situation is driving her mom mad with frustration. Hearing loss affects not just you, but people around you.

As it turns out, her dad can’t hear her call him to come to the dinner table for supper, or the phone when it rings – and worst of all, he watches TV with the sound turned all the way up. As a result, she likes to call her daughter to rant about her frustrations in dealing with her husband’s hearing loss.

After seeing how the situation was starting to test my wife’s sanity, I suggested that maybe it was time her father looked at wearing a hearing aid. We arranged an appointment to see my father-in-laws doctor and took him for diagnosis at the physician’s office the following day.

What We’re Looking for in a Hearing Aid

The diagnosis of severe hearing loss left us with the option of hearing devices as the only option to treat my wife’s father’s condition. After calling a few health insurance-approved service providers,we were left thinking that we couldn’t afford the hearing aid.

Some companies provided quotes of $3,000 to $5,000, for a set of rechargeable hearing aids! However, after reading a few online forums on the subject, it turns out that many companies supplying insurance plans overcharge for their products. You can find deals on cheap hearing aids elsewhere, with products featuring the same level of functionality.

Since hearing aid price was our primary concern at the time, we decided to search online, and we were pleasantly surprised when we came across, “HearingHero.”

What Made Us Try HearingHero?

We won’t try and deceive you – it was the price that led us to try Hearing Hero for my father in law. Finding the best hearing aids in our budget was our top priority, but it was the features on offer with HearingHero that sealed the deal for us.

I remember comparing the specs of HearingHero alongside another leading brand that retails for more than double the price. While reading it, I found myself realizing that HearingHero had more functionality than the leading brand!

Is HearingHero a Scam?

Hearing hero scam – that’s the first thing we typed into Google when we saw the price tag for the device. They are remarkably affordable hearing aids considering the functionality on offer. However, after reading a few Hearing Hero reviews, we decided to order a pair on the promotional deal and waited in anticipation for the package to arrive.

HearingHero Vs. The Competition

HearingHero has everything you would expect from a top-quality hearing aid, including;

  • Variable high-grade audio amp.
  • Adjustable, multi-level ASP.
  • Noise-cancelling and microphone feedback reduction.
  • The highest grade electronic chips.
  • Aircraft-grade microphone and speakers.

Hearing aids cost a pretty packet – but not so with HearingHero. Once you understand how hearing aids work, you will be in a better position to purchase one. After checking out the spec sheet in other hearing aid reviews, similar models offering the same features came in at an average price range of $269.99 to $600 – that’s around double to triple the cost of a HearingHero.

Two Weeks with HearingHero – The Results

After giving my father-in-law his new pair of Hearing Hero hearing aids the first thing that shocked him – was how loud he was listening to the television. His utter disbelief at his new hearing capacity left us reeling at the thought of how far gone his hearing was, and how challenging it must be to deal with it daily – for both him and his wife.

Two weeks later, and my wife no longer gets morning phone calls from her mom venting. Their ability to communicate strengthened their relationship, and now they get along fine. My wife’s father says he barely notices he’s wearing the HearingHero anymore, it’s light and fits comfortably, and the battery lasts for over 500-hours, meaning he only charges it once a week.


  • Affordable
  • Same features as leading, expensive brands.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Reduce background noise.
  • No cellphone interference.


  • Lack of colors available.
  • That’s about all we have to say.

Would We Recommend HearingHero? – Absolutely, Get HearingHero with A Special Offer

Hearing Hero hearing aids are available on a special promotional offer at the moment. This deal won’t last very long, so make sure you visit the site soon to claim your promotional discounted pricing. Here’s the pricing you can expect, and we went for the combo deal of two HearingHeroes for my father-in-law.

  • 1x HearingHero 35% OFF $149.99
  • 2x HearingHeroes 40% OFF ($138.50/Unit) $276.99
  • Money-back guarantee – risk-free trial.
  • Compared to the original quotation of $5,000 from a medical insurance provider, spending less than $300 was a pleasure!

Tell Us Your Story with HearingHero

We want to hear about your experience with HearingHero! Let us know why you bought them and how they perform. We’re confident that this hearing device will revolutionize the life of any senior experiencing hearing loss – buy them a set, and let them join the conversation with the best hearing aids.

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September 3, 2020


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