It’s no surprise that the wireless earbuds market is extremely saturated. These days, it feels as though everyone and their mother is releasing a Bluetooth-compatible earphone or headphone. The...

admin September 17, 2021 Earbuds
Comfortable fit
Rechargeable battery
Active Noise Cancelling chipset
Clear sound and Bluetooth 5.0
Connectivity range up to 10 meters / 33ft.
Compact and portable
Low power consumption and up to 72 hours of standby time
Three ear tip size options
Dual microphones
Fast, wireless charging case included
Rechargeable power case
Replaceable 6mm silicone in-ear tips

It wasn’t long ago that the market saw the premiere of DB Buds wireless earbuds. Soon after its release, however, the device caused quite the controversy. Despite their accessible...

admin October 2, 2020 Earbuds

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