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The Empower Hearing Amplifier – A Review

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Selecting the best hearing aids online is a challenging task. With so many brands and countless products available – how do you choose the right one to suit your needs? This review of the Empower hearing amplifier provides you with the information you need to know to make an informed purchase decision. These hearing devices are the cream-of-the-crop and Empower included all the bells and whistles in this hearing aid.

Stop scouring hearing aid reviews – your search ends here. Here’s everything you need to know about the best hearing aid available right now.

Why You Need a Hearing Aid

Before we look at the product, it’s essential that we take a look at the reasons why you need a hearing aid in the first place. Many seniors don’t realize they can benefit from hearing aid devices. Losing your hearing occurs gradually over the decades, and the slow descent into complete hearing loss typically only begins to show signs when it starts to inconvenience the affected individual’s life.

The most common symptoms of a loss of hearing is a withdrawal from communication. When the senior can no longer keep up with conversations, they may decide to start to ignore all external environmental stimulus. As a result, they begin to withdraw from social responsibilities and communications. They no longer feel that they have the right to take part in conversations – all due to their hearing loss.

This reduction in quality of life is a severe setback for many individuals who wish to enjoy their twilight years. However, people living with hearing loss eventually reach a stage where friends, family, or caregivers notice their communication issuers, and refer them to a doctor for a hearing test. Listening to the TV at full volume is often a dead giveaway that the person is experiencing hearing loss.

Should the examination reveal hearing loss, the doctor may recommend treating the impairment with a hearing aid. Using a hearing aid can restore hearing to normal for the affected individual, allowing them to return to their social circle and obligations.

Choosing the Best Hearing Aid

When selecting your hearing aid, its best to look for a combination of functionality, style, and pricing. Rechargeable hearing aids with multi-level volume control, advanced chips, and speakers, as well as noise-canceling function, are standard in the case of most products available. 

The final choice rests with the user. Their selection of hearing device will depend on their level of hearing loss, the extent of their hearing loss in the future, and the recommendation of their doctor or specialist. But if you want to skip the ‘middle man’, you can find some quality hearing aids online. Otofonix and Hearing Hero is a great option and very affordable. There are many Hearing Hero reviews you can skim through before purchasing.

The fit of the device is also a critical feature. The design should fit comfortably in or around the ear, without creating irritation during long periods of use.

Medicare, Insurance, and Hearing Aids

Medical insurance is there to assist us when things get rough with our health. However, many service providers try to take advantage of government-funded medical schemes to charge consumers hefty prices on items like hearing aids.

Some horror stories include insurance companies charging over $5,000 for a set of hearing aids! Don’t let the contractors pull the wool over your eyes, search around for a better deal and you’re bound to find a much cheaper product.

Some insurance companies may make contributions to your hearing aid if you decide to purchase a device privately. Check with your insurer for their scale of benefits and what input you’re entitled to receive, as per your policy.

Researching Hearing Aids Online

Hearing aids cost a pretty penny if you’re purchasing them through your medical insurance. Why not order them online for a fraction of the price? Various retailers offer excellent products with high levels of functionality and loads of features.

It’s a prudent strategy to read through a few online reviews before you decide on any online purchase. However, with so many reviews on hand – how do you know which hearing aid to purchase?

We recommend you choose a product with excellent user reviews and social proof. Relying on the testimonial of others can end up saving you a bundle of money.

The Empower Hearing Amplifier – A Revolution in Audiology

In our efforts to find the best hearing aid online, we came across the Empower hearing amplifier. If you’re looking for cheap hearing aids, then this may not be your best option. While the Empower amplifier ay retail at $599.99, it’s still a fraction of the price most insurance companies charge for inferior products.

The Empower audio amplifier offers digital noise reduction through its 12-channel system. The intelligent chipset determines the difference between spoken words and background noise. This feature means that the wearer can clearly identify speech from the sound of a bus driving past or a jackhammer working in the distance.

The four preset programs coded into the device allow the user to choose between functions for indoors and outdoors use. This feature gives the total user control over their environment, allowing them to select the ideal setting for any situation in which they wish to communicate.

Control the settings and volume with one switch, without removing the hearing device from your ear. The body of the earpiece is as thin as a pencil, providing discreet user wear-ability for those that are self-conscious of their hearing disability. Those women with longer hair will completely conceal the device while benefiting from its outstanding functionality.


  • Excellent sound production.
  • Background noise reduction.
  • Slim-fit and lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Batteries included.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Expensive compared to other models like the HearingHero.

Wrapping Up the Review – Is it Worth the Money?

When searching online for affordable hearing aids, you encounter the conundrum of price and value. has great information for those looking to purchase a hearing aid. We feel that the Empower hearing amplifier is well worth the price tag when you consider the functionality and quality of the components in the device.

Hearing aid price is typically the most crucial factor for many seniors living on their pension. However, if you have the extra funds available, we highly recommend the Empower device – it’s the last hearing aid you’ll ever need.

September 3, 2020


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