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October 29, 2020
How to Cast Screen to TV?

You may have heard about cast screen technology or have seen the icon on your phone. So, what is cast screen? Cast screen is a new technology that allows you to share the media from your phone by projecting it onto a compatible device, usually a TV, or by recording your screen. You may have […]

You are tired of watching videos on your phone all day. You want to kick back and relax on your sofa while watching the same content on your 65-inch TV instead of bending your neck on your phone. So, how to cast screen to TV from your phone? Cast screen is a great new technology […]

October 7, 2020

Top 5 reasons your earbuds break and how to fix them Do your earbuds keep breaking? Whether your earbuds cost $15 or $150 dollars, it can be frustrating having to replace them time and time again if they break. Earbuds break for many reasons. From wear and tear to manufacturing defects. Depending on how careful […]

Turn your earbuds into a mic for hands-free convenience What do you look for in a good quality mic? Podcasts, vlogs, online tutorials- there are countless reasons you might need a proper, professional microphone. But with all the different kinds of mics out there, how do you know which one is best for you? Some […]

Why you aren’t getting the best sound and how to fix it Are your earbuds starting to sound a little bit muffled? Maybe even staticky? If this is the case, there may be a few things happening inside those tiny little buds. Wireless earbuds can be finicky when they haven’t been taken care of. Earbuds […]

Having trouble connecting? Here’s a few reasons why… Are you addicted to good music? Do you always need to listen to something when you’re working out or running errands? If you do, chances are you own a good set of earbuds or headphones. But what classifies as a “good” set of earbuds? If you’re in […]

Understanding how they work may get you a better connection Do you have trouble connecting your wireless earbuds? Sometimes it can take multiple tries to connect your earbuds to your phone or other devices. But if you understand exactly how they connect, you might be able to get a better, faster, connection. Wireless earbuds like […]

Listening to music should be enjoyable, but not for some. Do your ears hurt when you wear earbuds? There are many reasons your ears may feel like they are throbbing, but can you pinpoint the direct cause? If you’ve noticed a slight pain in your ears during or after using your earbuds, you may want […]

You Can Prolong the Life of Your Earbuds With a Few Tips Do you wear your earbuds every single day? If you do, you may have noticed nasty earwax building up around and inside of them. Earwax is an essential part of your ear’s health. Its self cleaning, keeps your ears moist, and prevents dangerous […]

Which ones are the best for you? What kind of earbuds are you using? Are they silicone tipped? Wireless? Are they compatible with all smart devices? Audio technology and electronics have come a long way. The very first pair of headphones was invented in 1910. They were big and clunky but set the foundation for […]