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Blaux Portable AC reviews: Why You Need It Right Now

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Blaux Portable AC is the summer companion we all need.

If you’re anything like me, you’re hyped for summer—the long, sunny days, BBQs and cookouts with the family, and chilling out by the pool. All of that sounds amazing…right up until I remember how grumpy and uncomfortable I am once the temperature rises.

I’ve tried everything. Seriously—everything. portable fans, hats with built-in fans, handheld fans—everything. The problem with all of those things is that the air the fan blows at me it’s just the same air I’m trying to escape from. All the fan really does is blow warm air at my already warm face.

The other solution is obviously our AC, but that means locking up the house like Fort Knox in order to keep the cool air inside. With electricity prices being what they are, I’m not that excited about keeping the AC running for as long as we have in other years. The way I see it: why cool the whole house when I spend 8 hours in the home office and don’t even use the main living area? If most of your family is out of the house all day, we’re just wasting money.

But during quarantine I—like most people—spent a lot of time online. I did a lot of research into staying cool this summer, and I made a discovery: The Blaux Portable AC.

I was kind of resistant to spending any more money on fans and fancy devices that claimed to keep me cool this summer, but then I saw the magic words: sale. At 50% off, I really had to try just one more time. I binge-read Blaux Portable AC reviews.

So over to the Blaux Portable air conditioner site I went.

And here I am—ready to convince the world that the Blaux Portable air conditioner is seriously the only thing you need to be carting around this summer season.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC is a patented design, personal air conditioning unit. You can take it anywhere to keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest days.

It’s lightweight design makes it easy to cart around, easy to handle, and totally portable. Make no mistake, though—the Blaux personal air conditioner is ultra-powerful. Another similar option in personal air conditioners is Arctic Air Pure Chill.

It offers three different fan speeds—low, medium, and high—and at the highest level it was still super quiet.

The Blaux personal air conditioner also comes with rechargeable batteries and replaceable water curtains. If you’re always on the go, and don’t have the time—or inclination—to track down water curtains and batteries all over town, this is a major time saver. I loved that versatility and convenience.

Another thing the Blaux portable AC unit has going for it is health benefits. Who knew? Because the Blaux Portable AC unit uses water curtaining technology to cool the air, it also keeps the air moist. If you suffer from dry eyes, irritated nose and throat, and dry skin, this is an absolute game changer.

How Does Blaux Portable AC work?

Blaux Portable AC works through a patented water cooling system.

You just need to do the following simple steps:

  1. Charge the Blaux unit with the Type C charging cable—which is included!—to get it powered up.
  2. Add water to the top of the unit. It’s easy to see the fill line.
  3. Insert the replaceable water curtain. This thing is a trooper—I’ve been using it every day for a month, and apparently I won’t need to replace the water curtain for up to 8 months.
  4. Select your fan setting. I cranked it right up to high at first, but I find that it’s so powerful I never really need it above medium in my area.

The charcoal filtration system filters the air, which helps to filter out harmful toxins and bad smells. I think the charcoal filtration system actually has a nice scent of its own.

Let the cordless Blaux Portable AC run comfortably—and quietly. Because of its cord-free build, you can put it under your office desk, sit it on a shelf, or (like I do) perch it beside my bed on those muggy, sticky summer nights.

Can Blaux Portable AC work in all rooms?

In a nutshell: absolutely! Because the Blaux Portable AC is totally portable and can be moved around at will, it is perfect for every room in your home, every office, workshops, garages, and garden sheds.

I love mine so much I ordered 2 more—one for my husband’s man-cave, and one for my son’s room. Even with all the funky smells in a teenaged boy’s bedroom, the Blaux Portable AC does an amazing job of cooling and purifying the air.

Blaux Portable AC Pros and Cons


The thing about the Blaux air conditioning unit that I love the most is that it works. It exceeded my expectations, and kept my whole family comfortable on the hottest days.

In my experience, the Blaux air conditioner is incredible for many reasons, and I couldn’t be without it now:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Delivers powerful air circulation
  • Removes dust and toxic air particles as it circulates
  • Charcoal filtration removes and eliminates odors
  • Acts as a natural air freshener as it cools
  • Versatile cooling with 3 different fan speeds
  • Includes a Type-C charging cable for ultra-fast charging from any USB port
  • Handy carry handle at LED light
  • Variable louver functionality to direct airflow where you need it
  • Easy to fill from the top of the unit—no mess, no fuss, no spills
  • No refill tank to worry about, because the water circulates freely


Because this is one of the highest rated personal air conditioning units on the market, it’s pretty hard to fault the Blaux Portable AC. If I had to be fussy, I might wish that it came in a different color, but classic white suits my décor, so I’m pretty happy.

Blaux Portable AC Reviews

Online Blaux Portable AC reviews pretty much mirror what savvy buyers—like me!—are saying. The Blaux Portable AC does what it says it will, and it does it really well. You can check out Blaux Portable AC reviews online, but honestly—try it, and you’ll believe the hype, too.

Final Verdict

Did I mention the 100% money back guarantee? Seriously, there’s no risk to trying the Blaux Portable AC right now. Give it a try—you deserve a no-sweat summer.

Click here to Get your Blaux Portable AC!

September 9, 2020


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BEST CHOICE 2023 Blaux Portable AC reviews: Why You Need It Right Now
Blaux Portable AC reviews: Why You Need It Right Now
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BEST CHOICE 2023 Blaux Portable AC reviews: Why You Need It Right Now
Get yours now >