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We are all having some hard days lately. Whether you’re working from home or you just want to go out for a walk, heat days can not only be uncomfortable but dangerous. Deadly high temperatures are expected to arrive this summer, so how to deal with dose days while at the same time keep your bills down? Learn about what the Blaux Personal AC is, and why you need it to help with those scorching hot summer days.

What is Blaux Personal AC?

Blaux Personal AC is basically what it says on the tin, a personal air con unit. Forget those cheap, plastic handheld fans which you get free with summer magazines, but only last a couple of days and produce a less than satisfactory breeze. Blaux Personal cooler is a smart, powerful, and modern version of a handheld fan.

Blaux Personal AC is a high-tech, 21st-century personal air cooler, and ionizer. Choose how cool you really want to be with a 3-speed setting, so you don’t have to settle for just one setting! You can achieve the desired cool-heat setting to fit your surroundings, whether you are on a stuffy train and just need a little bit of fresh, cold air or on a hot and sunny beach and require a little more power. The decision is entirely personal to you.

The Blaux Personal air cooler has a battery life of up to 30 hours with just one charge, impressive, right? So you won’t have to worry about charging it every day before you head out. Blaux Personal AC charges via USB-C, just like most modern tech (don’t worry, charging cable is included). There is also an LED ring that indicates the charging status and power of the Blaux Personal AC.

You can go about your typical day without having to worry about overheating when you have a Blaux Personal air cooler; it just helps to make those unbearable hot summers bearable! How nice would it feel leaving the gym and having your own personal air cooler to help you feel refreshed.

How does Blaux Personal AC work?

Blaux Personal AC works by gently blowing cool air; it moves a massive amount of air, 1.9CFM, to be precise. You can position the airflow to suit you individually, Blaux Personal AC is a very personal air cooler, and has been made with the thought of comfort for each wearer in mind since it is ‘one size fits all.’

With its fantastic 3 fan speed mode, you can adjust the airflow of the Blaux Personal AC to suit your desires. It has an enclosed fan to keep hair and dirt out, so no need to worry about any hairs getting stuck in the fan and hurting you. Blaux has thought out this personal air cooler very well. This also contributes to the easy cleaning of Blaux Personal air cooler, making it easy to get into every crevice to clean it thoroughly.

The 30-hour runtime is one of the main positive factors of the Blaux Personal AC, 30 hours in just one single charge, incredible, right? Amazingly, Blaux Personal air cooler charges in as little as 4 hours, so no need to worry if you forget to charge it the night before. The LED ring lets you know the charge and power of your Blaux Personal air cooler, so you will always be able to tell how many more hours of fresh air time you have.

Blaux Personal AC has a modern and slick look to it, it’s not too statement that people will stop and stare or to make it uncomfortable to wear. It’s the perfect style to go with any outfit, business wear on the train, or gym wear for a run in the park – whichever is your pick, the Blaux Personal AC will fit with it perfectly. Blaux Personal AC is also incredibly lightweight, so it won’t take a strain on your neck or weigh you down while walking, running, or sitting. So you do not need to worry about getting a sore neck or back after hours of wearing it, cause I guarantee that won’t be an issue.

Something you will definitely notice is how quiet Blaux Personal AC is; if it wasn’t for the lovely cold air, you feel you would forget you are wearing it! So you won’t need to worry about disturbing others in the office or in a meeting.

Pros and cons of Blaux Personal AC:

There is an abundance of pros to the Blaux Personal air cooler I don’t even know where to begin.


  • Airflow positioning. The position of the airflow and having the option of changing the direction is such a bonus, making the Blaux Personal AC so much more personal and suited to every person out there. Whether you want the airflow on your face, neck, or back, you can adjust the flow to your desired fit!
  • One size fits all. The fact it is one size fits all but can be made to suit each individual need is excellent, it means you and your partner, or sibling can share one. Although I am sure, there would soon be bickering between you as to who gets it and when!
  • Battery run time. To me, one of the best features of Blaux Personal AC is the 30 hours run time; I just can’t believe how many hours usage you can get from only one 4 hour charge! And the USB charge is super convenient, especially if taking it traveling.
  • Easy to clean. The easy to clean design to the Blaux Personal air cooler just increases the greatness of the device!


I can’t name any specific cons to Blaux Personal AC, the only thing which might put some people off of buying is the fact you can only buy it online. Some people like to see it first and check it out before they splash the cash, which is fair enough.

But unfortunately, you are unable to see Blaux Personal AC in person before you buy; luckily enough, Blaux offers a money-back guarantee. So if you do purchase this tech-savvy gadget, and aren’t 100% impressed or think that Blaux Personal AC is a scam, then you can easily get your money back. Saying this, I am sure anyone who tries Blaux Personal personal AC will be just as impressed as me.

Final thoughts of Blaux Personal AC:

My final thoughts on the Blaux Personal AC is that this clever, slim, and life-changing air cooler is fantastic. I would buy it ten times over; it has honestly changed my life. Say goodbye to stuffy subway rides, and hello to blissfully breezy rides! You should definitely give it a try for yourself and see how the magic works.

September 11, 2020


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