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How Can You Tell If Airpods Pros Are Real Or Fake?

You can tell if an AirPod Pro is real or fake by comparing the product you have purchased to an authentic Apple product and checking for subtle differences in the AirPods casing and box. One of the best ways to confirm a real AirPod Pro is to register its serial number.

Continue reading as we uncover a host of differences between real and fake AirPod Pros. Discover the tell-tale signs that a product is fake and how to spot them before you waste your money.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Real Vs. Fake AirPods Pro

The first obvious difference is that some fake models of AirPods come with flashy extras such as light-up features to signal pairing, whereas genuine AirPod Pro earbuds do not light up or change color.

Inspecting the earbuds more closely, you will see a metal grille on the side. A real AirPod perfectly matches the black of the grille to the black of its surrounding. It’s a great way to spot real AirPod Pro vs. fake, as the latter will have a much lighter grille.

Also metal features, such as the bottom tips of the AirPods, are often replaced by paint on a fake product.

And it’s worth testing the strength of the silicone connection. Real AirPod Pros should have a sturdy connection between AirPod and silicone; fake products will quickly come apart.

Front of case

With genuine Airpod Pros, the LED light sits flush to the case. A thin layer of plastic covers it and is very difficult for other brands to mimic.

On fake AirPod Pros, there will usually be a pinhole visible on the front of the case.

Additionally, when you open a genuine case, the light from the LED will be clear and focused,

whereas on a replica product, the light will flow outwards and dull due to its inferior quality.

Back of case

There are three things to look for on the back of the case to determine a real AirPod Pro vs. fake:

  1. Misalignment of the hinge. Though a genuine product may not perfectly align the lid with the hinge, it will be noticeably misaligned on a fake product.
  2. The logo should read “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China.” Some fake products have this text missing entirely. Other products don’t line it up correctly.
  3. On a real AirPod Pro case, the button on the back will lie completely flat. It is likely to bubble up slightly on a fake product and cause curvature to the surrounding plastic.


If in doubt, look at photos of genuine AirPod Pro cases and see if your chosen product is a match.

Bottom of case

The lightning port on the bottom of a genuine AirPod Pro product will sit flush like the other case features. Compare that to a fake, and you may see the metal jutting out slightly.

Inside the case

A big clue in the real vs. fake AirPods Pro debate is that any genuine product will have its serial number listed on the inside cover of the case. Using Apple’s official website, you can register this serial number to check the authenticity of your product.

Apple Airpods Pro box Real vs. Fake

Though the differences may seem subtle, if you compare a real AirPod Pro box to a fake, you will see that the latter has a less contrasting, more washed-out approach.

Fake products generally rely on photocopied images, and as such, they lack the clarity and detail of a genuine product.

The blurriness of pixelation of images on the box is a good indicator that your product is fake.

Real Airpod Pro Vs. Fake Quality

We’ve looked at several ways to spot a fake product, but in saving yourself some money do you lose out on the quality of the genuine product?

When tested, a fake pair of earbuds will pair with an iPhone. Not only that, they can trick an iPhone into believing that they’re the real deal!

Though the product may be easy to use and pair, its sound quality is no match for the real deal.

Producing a sound that is sometimes tinny, lacks bass, and exudes harsh high notes, the listening experience of fake AirPods has been described as inferior by consumers who have tested both products.

While many fakes have touch features for sound and volume, a lot cannot measure proximity.

In Summary

As more and more fake products flood the market, the forgers get better at replicating the original product, and it can be challenging to determine a real AirPod Pro vs. fake.

You will need a keen eye and a genuine product for comparison, but subtleties still differentiate real from fake, including different font sizes and shades of coloring.

October 1, 2021


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