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7 ways to Clean Your Earbuds

You Can Prolong the Life of Your Earbuds With a Few Tips

Do you wear your earbuds every single day? If you do, you may have noticed nasty earwax building up around and inside of them. Earwax is an essential part of your ear’s health. Its self cleaning, keeps your ears moist, and prevents dangerous and harmful debris and dirt from coming in. But earwax has no place in your earbuds! Some earbuds are easier to clean like the Playbeatz, read this DangoBuds Review, while others are made of material that make it almost impossible.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily clean your earbuds with household items that will have them looking and feeling like new.

Microfibre cloth

Most earbuds these days come with a charging case. At times, this may also build up with dirt and grime. Whether it’s from keeping it in your moist gym bag all day orlike that time you accidentally dropped it in a bag of crumbly chips, the case can get just as dirty as the earbuds themselves.
Using a microfibre cloth is your best friend when it comes to getting dirt and grime off the surface of your case and around the earbuds. If you have a large microfibre cloth, cut only the section you need and use it to gently wipe off any dirt. It will be more effective to use a smaller piece, so you can get into the hard to reach corners and know exactly what areas you’ve missed. For preventative measures, try carrying a piece of cloth with you and give your buds a wipe after each use, especially after a vigorous workout.

Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are great when you have hard build up and want to apply more pressure to your earbuds without damaging them. They are easy to handle and control, and allow you to get an accurate clean every time.

Use the cotton swabs by gently cleaning the inside of your earbuds in a circular motion. Just be careful not to push the earwax further into the earbud mesh. Once it is pushed in too deep, it is almost impossible to get out and may cause permanent damage to your buds.

Helpful tip: you can dab the tip of your cotton swab into rubbing alcohol to wipe away excess dirt while holding it upside down. Rubbing alcohol is fast drying and will not damage your earbuds if used sparingly.

Alcohol wipes

As mentioned above, alcohol is fast dying, so alcohol wipes are a great way to clean and sanitize your earbuds. Most alcohol wipes are thin and pliable enough to get into the hard to reach crevasses of your earbuds.
The trick when using any liquid to clean your earbuds is to hold your earbuds upside down, preventing any liquid from dripping into the earbud itself. Once liquid gets into the mechanism of the earbuds, it could cause permanent damage.
This method is not recommended for all earbuds. If you have earbuds with a foam or cloth like layer, do not use alcohol wipes. Earbuds like the DangoBuds earbuds are more suited for this type of cleaning.

Computer air duster

If you’ve ever had to clean your laptop keyboard, you would know how powerful a computer air duster is. This could work for your earbuds as well, as long as you take the majority off with any of the other mentioned cleaning methods. The computer air duster is more or a secondary cleaning tool to get the little bits that you were not able to reach.

Just be sure not to over clean with the air duster. It is very powerful for your earbuds, so you want your motions to be swift and fast.


Using a toothbrush is a great way to clean your earbuds because of the rough bristles. The bristles reach into the earbud and can clean out earwax in the mesh. Just remember to indicate which toothbrush you used! You don’t want to brush your teeth with the same toothbrush you used to clean out your earwax.


Toothpicks are used to clean in between the crevasses of your teeth, and now you can use them to clean in between the cracks and edges of your earbuds too. You can do this by following around the rim of your earbuds and gently removing the wax and dirt. This is also a good method to use when cleaning your case. Because toothpicks have a longer reach, you can even use it with an alcoholic wipe. Just wrap it around the tip of your tooth pick and use the damp end to get into the hard to reach corners.

Putty (not gum!)

Some people use putty to clean their electronics because it adheres to loose particles and dirt and picks up other debris.You can look for putty that is made especially for cleaning, or you can use other putty with a more firm consistency.
Do not, under any circumstances use “silly putty” or gum. If it’s made for kids, chances are, the consistency is more flimsy and there might be ingredients that make the putty slimy and sticky. This could get stuck in the earbuds and internally damage the mechanics.

Phone soap

Phone soap is more of a sanitizing step than it is a cleaner. Phone soap is a UV light cleaning device for electronics. It will kill the germs and bacteria, leaving you with cleaner earbuds. It sterilizes earbuds, phones, smart watches and other devices that will fit in its compartment.
However you choose to clean your earbuds, just remember to be gentle and patient. They are delicate devices and should be treated with care, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on them. You can also clean them more frequently to avoid massive buildup beyond repair.
Try keeping a few of these household items handy and you will always be ready to freshen up your earbuds wherever you go.

October 7, 2020


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