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How Much Are Hearing Aids?

If you’ve tried to buy a pair of hearing aids before, you must have looked at the bill with surprise and wondered why these small devices cost so much. The cost of most hearing aid brands today typically range from $1,500 to $4,000 and beyond for every unit. When you buy a gadget for each year, the price doubles. So how much are hearing aids and why are their prices quite prohibitive?

What’s Involved in the Cost of Hearing Aids

What makes the cost of hearing aids so high? Well, for a start, you are not just paying for the actual devices but for a lot of other processes as well. Your purchase involves other services such as the hearing test to determine the best hearing aids for your case, consultation fees, fitting the hearing aids in your ear, follow-up adjustments, routine cleaning of the devices, and much more. Some doctors will even include the cost of batteries in your initial purchase.

Today’s hearing aids also come with extra features and functions such as signal processing software, noise cancellation, speech recognition, wireless integration, over 20 channels, and a host of other digital features. When you combine these extra features with innovative in-canal small designs, you’ll begin to see why hearing aids cost so much.

More Affordable Options

Fortunately, there are ways of getting high-quality hearing aids at a more reasonable price. For example, the Hearing Aids Act passed in Congress recently has made it possible to buy hearing aid devices over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. You don’t have to pay high fees anymore for a hearing test before you can buy a pair of hearing aids. The process has also eliminated the middlemen who were responsible for the high cost of hearing aids. You can now buy these devices online straight from the manufacturer’s official website for as little as $1,600 for a basic device. The price depends on the technology you are after and your lifestyle. So next time you ask how much are hearing aids just go online and you’ll find reasonable quotes directly from the manufacturers.           

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